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The CAQ ran on and got elected thanks to a racist promise to

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. I saw this guy early one day and thought “what a nice looking cable knit sweater!” Then I noticed he wore it the next day. And the next. canada goose outlet oslo But our last provincial election, the white, french speaking people outside of the major city centers banded together and voted in a party called the CAQ. The CAQ ran on and got elected thanks to a racist promise to ban religious symbols from the public center. And please note that when they say religious symbols, they really mean hijabs and turbans, not crosses and kippahs.

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Also the nerf has killed both rpk and l86, which used those mags. This patch has killed build diversity more than actually increasing it. Now you will see 95% of people running this combination and 5% trash builds that are actually a weight for the whole team.

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