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My perspective may have been partly shaped by what was a

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canada goose uk black friday In other words, idioms are like the dogand pony show of language because when you think about it,what do things like dog eat dog or better to dancewith the devil you know or discretion is the better partof valor really mean when they are simply quaint idiomaticexpressions that reveal lots of style without canada goose outlet in montreal any obligation ofsubstance? Of course, that is not to canada goose black friday new york say that we don’t really live in a dogeat dog world where it’s every man for themselves and when you arestuck canada goose outlet vip in that sort of a situation I suppose it is better to dancewith the devil you canada goose uk size chart do know than the devil you don’t and of course,if you’re dancing with devils discretion is most certainly thebetter part of valor and reticence truly divine. All I am saying isthat what real purpose do idioms provide other than decoratingone’s thoughts? Garnishing our ideas with familiar expressions canoftentimes be a double edged sword, and by that I mean theexpressions should be used to better communicate your ideas and notto further confuse the issue. Canyou imagine if someone said: “It’s better to dance with devils thansomeone you know” how that might be a little confusing? I’ll tellyou what, you can bet your bottom dollar that if someonesaid that to me I would be more than just confused and would try to drive home the point that they were mixing their metaphorsor illegally interpreting their idioms. canada goose uk black friday

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