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I was resigned to failing miserably

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It started when he was just seven, he would see things no one else did. Apparitions, ghosts, recently deceased. Demons. In my experience, it one of many instances where I absolutely cannot empathize with someone thinking and it sort of drives me crazy. I just don understand why people are so unwilling to help out the entire community. Why they only help someone if they know them personally.

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canada goose store They DON’T quit. They don’t. It’s not a matter of pushing them away or being more aggressive with them (some victim blaming responses I hear about these things), it’s because they aren’t interested in walking away. Never once has a cop been there when I needed them to be. They never found my bike that was stolen that one time, or that CD deck stolen from my truck that other time, even though I had them on camera. They didn’t do shit about the crackhead I found going through my garage, or that one fucking asshole that pulled a gun on me for taking his canada goose outlet online parking spot at Walmart canada goose store.


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