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“And why, pray tell, is marriage funny? It isn’t a joke or a

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uk canada goose outlet Then, six months ago, the former Hollywood police chief won a $201,100 verdict against the city. A Broward County jury believed his allegation that he was fired for his attempt to stop nepotism and cronyism in hiring.Hollywood’s decision to fire Witt instead of the problem officers has resulted in claims of abuse, drunkenness on the job, and irresponsibility.During a three month investigation, New Times reviewed dozens of personnel records, Internal Affairs (IA) files, and lawsuits, as well as psychological reports that were entered into evidence as part of the Witt lawsuit. Among this newspaper’s findings:Of the 42 officers whom Hansen found to have background problems, 30 are still on the force. uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose sale I mean, maybe I do, but, it’s confusing, OK? I just, well, it’s just funny that’s all.” She started to laugh again, but softer this time, more in control.”And why, pray tell, is marriage funny? It isn’t a joke or a game, Valkyrie. Marriage is a very serious proposition. Don’t smile, I’m not joking. Canada Goose sale

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