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0 story laughs The Empire gunblades were designed before I

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Replica Hermes 1 point submitted 5 hours agoI decided I may as well tank O9S in PF when going for my weekly loot where I don usually, since all I need from savage is 2 fending accessories for my secondary. I picked up most of the fight from when I DPS, but since I doing 9 11 outside of my static for now: Is it standard to swap MT throughout the fight after each Chaotic Dispersion, or do some prefer to take the boss back after the debuff (something I should discuss beforehand)?A: Simply because I wasn involved with 1.0 story laughs The Empire gunblades were designed before I joined FFXIV, so it feels like they aren the gunblades that everyone wants to see. The Empire gunblades are bayonets they guns with blades attached to them. Replica Hermes

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